Monday, March 5, 2012

GCB Boycott of ABC TV by angry Christians

If you don't mind standing up for your Christian values, go and comment on the article entitled: "GCB Boycott of ABC TV by angry Christians."

Let me hear what you have to say on the article. Let your voice be heard!

Good Christian Bit.... - GCB Boycott of ABC TV by angry Christians

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Jane Koepplinger said...

Jane Smith
I watched the pilot last night and was shocked at how the supposedly women of God were portrayed. I can say this, I won't be watching it again and am angered that ABC thinks the antics or the nasty retorts (biblicallyl referenced) aimed at one woman are somehow funny. It was disgusting to think that a group of Christian woman would want to hurt another women in this manner. From having her blacklisted from the job market to slandering her name , I wonder how far this would have gone if it had been aimed at the Muslim religion? Just saying.

Ms. "V" said...

Thank you so much Jane for posting your comment here and also on I thank you too for the other information. God Bless You ;)