Saturday, July 30, 2016

More people should experience ‘I’m Sick of Church Folk’

It might only be a local play and it had a short run, but “I’m Sick of Church Folk” will be discussed for some time to come.  The dinner show was packed on opening night and the Saturday night program is said to be “sold out”.  If you ever hear of a ‘Rare Diamond’ production, you had better get your tickets right away.  The show and dinner were both tastefully done and well presented.  The actors are very professional and performed in full voice despite some audio difficulties.
Upon entering the Citadel Church, there is a professional photo opportunity for you to capture the memory of your evening out.  You will be captivated by the lovely table settings, the scrumptious meal and the courteous service by young men and women from the church.  The evening of entertainment is well worth the cost and we haven’t mentioned the highlights of the play.  When the church choir came together on Sunday morning to sing, they brought the house down with their harmony.

“I’m Sick of Church Folk” is backed up by a three-piece band (Tony White, Edward Robinson Jr. Cory Canady & Detwaun Diamond) who did a fantastic job throughout the four-hour evening (cue the ‘Young & the Restless’ music).  Director Angela Roberts kept the crowd engaged so that the show would continue smoothly.  There is a lot of humor throughout the production, nonetheless, writers Toni Diamond-Bingham and Kanesha Mitchell give the audience a lot to think about, especially if you attend a church somewhere.  Some memorable lines from the evening were: “Hell isn’t a bad word - it’s a condition,” “I’m sick of church folk, I got my own problems” and “I’m an unbelieving believer.”

Towards the end, the Pastor of the church (the name is hilarious) had to explain how people need to stop being ‘church folk’ and stop going to other people to get a Word from God.  She had to give a strong reprimand to those parishioners who were trying to lead the flock astray.  She reminded them that the church is for imperfect people, yet it’s up to every man and woman to make a change in their lives for the better.  Everything happens in our lives - happens for a reason.  Stop focusing on people and focus on God.  Love conquers all!

There were also musical selections from singers: “AV Musiq” and “Just Sabrina Ministry” right before the play, that got the audience prepared for a most enjoyable evening.  If you are fortunate enough to have a ticket for “I’m Sick of Church Folk”, the last show on Saturday starts promptly at 6 p.m. when dinner is eloquently served.  Don’t forget that a gratuity is always appreciated by the servers even if it is not mandatory.  It’s a blessing to be a blessing.  Enjoy your evening!

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