Tuesday, September 6, 2016

‘DREAMGIRLS’ audition notice for Stage Aurora Theatrical Co

Stage Aurora Theatrical Company, Inc. in collaboration with The Ritz Theatre and Museum and Amelia Musical Playhouse is announcing auditions for the Tony Award winning musical DREAMGIRLS, book by Tom Eyen and music by Henry Krieger.  The production is spearheaded by Jereme Raickett and Darryl Reuben Hall and vocal direction by Drickus Horne.  Audition information is as follows:

Audition Dates: Sat., Amelia Musical Playhouse 10 a m2 p.m.
Audition Dates: Ritz Theatre Sun., Sept. 11 36 p.m., Mon., Sept. 12 68:30 p.m.
Performance Dates: Amelia Musical Playhouse November 1120
Performance Dates: Ritz Theatre and Museum November 2627

Rehearsals Start: Around October 1, 2016

About the show:
Winner of 6 Tony Awards, Dreamgirls is a Broadway musical, with music by Henry Krieger and lyrics and book by Tom Eyen. Based upon the show business aspirations and successes of R&B acts such as The Supremes, The Shirelles, James Brown, Jackie Wilson, and others, the musical follows the story of a young female singing trio from Chicago, Illinois called "The Dreams", who become music superstars.  A smash Broadway musical, "Dreamgirls" sizzles with fabulous costumes, dazzling dance and the legendary hit songs "Dreamgirls" and "I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." "Dreamgirls" is a show about a time in American musical history when what is called rhythm and blues blended with other styles of popular music creating a new American sound.  There’s lots of onstage joy and backstage drama, the sensational new production of Dreamgirls tells the story of an up-and-coming 1960s girl singing group, and the triumphs and tribulations that come with fame and fortune. With music by Academy Award nominee Henry Krieger and book and lyrics by Tony and Grammy Award winner Tom Eyen.

For more information, please contact Stage Aurora at stageaurora@hotmail.com .

Cast Breakdown (Ages 16+) All Nationalities are a Must!!!
Effie Melody White
: Female, 20-40ish, African American – powerful belt, large and in charge, lead singer of The Dreamettes. Journeys from snappy confidence to depths of betrayal, but triumphs in the end. Seeking actor with willingness to dig deep emotionally as well as belt.

Deena Jones
: Female, 18-40ish, African American – mezzo soprano, initially modest backup singer for Dreamettes. Replaces Effie, under pressure. And falls for Curtis, knowing Effie had him.  The Diana Ross-esq. character, so must move from innocent to “star.”

Lorrell Robinson
: Female, 18-30ish, African American – soprano, the youngest backup singer. Speaks her mind. Eager for success, swept off her feet by married James Thunder Early. High energy and attitude encouraged for this role, with a touch of the romantic.

Michelle Morris
: Female, 18-40ish, African American – soprano, replacement backup for Effie. Wants to stay out of in-fighting. Falls in love with C.C., and helps bring brother and sister together in the end.

Curtis Taylor
: Male, 25-45ish, African American – tenor/high baritone, a Cadillac dealer turned the Dreams’ brilliant manager, then music mogul. Charming, smooth, and funny, he’s ruthless in the pursuit of his dreams. Dumps Effie and James in pursuit of glory.

C.C. White
: Male, 20-30, African American – tenor, talented song writer for the Dreamettes/Dreams and is Effie’s brother. Initially enthralled by Curtis’ business smarts.

James "Thunder" Early:
Male, 30-50, African American – tenor/strong falsetto, a James Brown- like flashy star of early R&B that Curtis steals from Marty. A trendsetter, but trends pass him by. Be ready to be a showman, and let loose.

Marty Madison
: Male, 40’s-60’s, African American – baritone, early manager of James Early, cleans up after many of James’ messes, old-school, honest and loyal.

Ensemble And Featured Roles (10-20 Parts) All Nationalities Welcome!!!
Dave (& The Sweethearts
/Pat Boone types)
... Male, assistant to Curtis
... Male, press agent
... Male, TV director
... Male or Female (as male), master of ceremonies at The Apollo Theater
Charlene & Joann
... Females, backup singers for J.T. Early
... Male, Effie’s lawyer
... Male or Female Nightclub owner

Male and Female Singing Groups to be double-cast: Female Groups: STEPP SISTERS ... LES STYLE ... [DAVE] &THE SWEETHEARTS Male Groups: LITTLE ALPERT & THE TRUE-TONES ... THE FIVE TUXEDOS ... TINY JOE DIXON

Questions: Please Email Stage Aurora

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