Saturday, September 17, 2016

'Gracias Christmas Cantata' coming near you

Information on dates, times and venues are located below.  Don’t think that it’s too early to celebrate the holiday season, because Gracias Christmas Cantata will put you in the mood even if the weather is warm outside.  There is a message in every scene, musical score and drama production that will make you glad that you were in the audience.

By now, you may be asking, “What is a Cantata?”  Cantata means “sung,” and comes from the Italian word “Cantare.”  It is the movement of vocal music of the Baroque era, with a story being told in the background.  Typically, a cantata consists of a voice solo, a voice ensemble, and a chorus.  Gracias Christmas Cantata is a unique blend of performing arts, three musical acts in one: an opera, a musical and a choir all on stage in one night’s performance.  Each act consists of cherished carols, some new compositions, and classical songs that convey the true meaning of Christmas.

Yes, what you hear during this show is a full-piece mega orchestra along with dynamic singers/actors, who vary in ages.  There are video screens on both sides of the auditorium, so you won’t miss any of the dialogue.  For those who are hearing-impaired, the use of the monitors will aid in the interpretation.  The script from the first act (For Unto You Is Born a Savior) is totally Biblically-based from the story of Jesus’ birth.  Act II is a musical (Anna the Matchstick Girl) teaches a lesson about kindness, gratitude and family.  And Act III is a choral presentation of “Handel’s Messiah”.  Some cultures stand during this time in respect for the King of Kings.

The costumes are very colorful and the troupe is amazing for quick-changing of every actor/singer.  There is also audience participation to the songs, “Silent Night” and “God Bless America.”  Don’t miss your chance to bless and be blessed by this musical ministry.

Gracias Christmas Cantata


LOCATIONS: East to West Coast
      Check HERE for a venue near you

Every show consists of beautiful video screen backdrops and creative mirror images of heavenly hosts, dream sequences and other scenic transformations.
International Youth Fellowship (IYF) USA and Gracias Choir will be back on the road to present the 2016 Gracias Christmas Cantata US Tour across 28 cities (Alaska to Pennsylvania) from September 14th to October 14th.
TICKETS: PRIORITY SEATING $20 or more donation per person.  Priority tickets may be purchased at: International Youth Fellowship in your area.  Priority Entry and seating is only offered to their donors
     FREE GENERAL ADMISSION, (you MUST present a ticket).  For tickets contact Christmas Cantata US in your area.  Bring the joy of the season into your heart a little early, with the Gracias Christmas Cantata.  If you desire to make a donation to this wonderful heartwarming ministry, please click HERE.

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