Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Is Gucci guilty?

Just a slight observation about a commercial that is airing this Christmas season.  Gucci Inc. could be promoting promiscuity in their selling of “Gucci Guilty” fragrance.  The commercial in the video is the extended version of the television commercial.  Children are seeing the short advertisement and towards the end, sees another hand touching the woman, who is lying in bed with a man.  Even if it’s two men and a woman, or two women and a man; it’s a threesome.  Now, what would you say to your child if they ask about this relationship?

Is Gucci suggesting that little kids buy cologne that may suggest that their Mom and Dad “get-it-on” with another person?  What was their advertising campaign department trying to say - that a threesome is the way to go?  Did it do its job?  But what about the promiscuity that the ad is spreading to our younger demographic audience?

We know that the two female models in the ad (Vera Van Erp and Julia Hafstrom) may not be taking a bath with male (actor, singer-songwriter, and director) Jared Leto, nonetheless, the hand that appears to be stroking the woman, at the end of the of the commercial, leaves much to the imagination.

Is Gucci Guilty fragrance the reminder that you want under your Christmas tree this year?  As the hashtag implies, is Gucci Not Guilty?


Van said...

Interesting Story

Unknown said...

It's up to the parents to parent what their children see on tv. We don't have cable for that reason, that and it's easier to monitor what my child watches on Netflix because we can see every show she's watched. Most perfume ads are taboo from promiscuity to one night stands, they've shown them all. The parents ultimately have to be the ones to monitor the commercials and shows their kids see.