Thursday, March 30, 2017

Drumline Live 2017 had a preshow that was topnotch

Raines High School and First Coast High School rank number one as the Jacksonville Florida WINNERS of the Drumline Live student competition.  For those who arrived early for Drumline Live, there was a very special treat as each patron waited to go into the Moran Theatre.  From the lobby, you could hear the melodic sounds of horns, cymbals and the thunder of drums that came from the students’ instruments.

The preshow was entertainment all by itself!  There are so many talented youths here in JAX, and a few of them came out to prove it on March 28, 2017.  As a reward for doing what they like, the students (and chaperones) from both schools were rewarded tickets in the orchestra section of the Theater. 

Below are a few questions that Mr. Washington (Band Director from Raines High School) was so gracious to answer on a busy school day.  As you will see from the video, Raines was a well-deserved recipient of a night out-on-the-town.

Q: Who actually won the “2017 Drumline of the Year: Jacksonville”?  You or First Coast High School?
A: There wasn't a winner, it was just an exhibition to represent Duval High School drumlines.
Q: Were the students able to meet with the Drumline Live Cast Members, and what type of questions did they have?
A: The students were able to meet with the cast members to discuss various percussion techniques and methods of playing as well as talk about the cast members experiences as a performer.
Q: How did the students enjoy their free tickets to the show?  The students enjoyed themselves very much and were thrilled with the opportunity to play for the community.
A: What does (S.O.E.) stand for in the description of your Marching Band? Sound of Experience
Q: Could I get the YouTube video link for the audition tape?

(First Coast High School was unavailable for comments)

Drumline Live kicked off its third US tour with a return engagement to the Times-Union Center.  Jacksonville Florida was privileged to have this versatile group of musicians and dancers back in January of 2011.  This time the troop gave visual reels of Michael Jackson, Prince and much more.  The group gave a stellar performance outside the Times Union Center, across from the Omni Hotel, at the end of their show.  Hear what the neighbors heard right HERE!

Drumline Live brought athletics and high energy to the stage with a mixture of sounds ranging from contemporary, Big-Band, hip-hop, blues, swing, gospel, the Motown sound and traditional brass.  Qualified professional musicians played Brass Instruments (Euphoniums, French Horns, Basses, Trombones, Trumpets and Saxophones) and Percussions while dancers graced the stage with beauty and elegance.  If they come to town again, you better get your tickets.  There’s always something new with this HBCU experience.

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