Saturday, December 8, 2018

‘Voctave’ harmonizes joyfully in JAX/OP

Are you mature enough to remember radio commercials being sung over the airways with only the sound of voices in harmony? Well they are slowly coming back, yet not as big as this group.  All that can be said about the group Voctave is FABULOSO!  The harmony is superb.  Their sound technician was “off-the-chain” with the sound quality that was projected, for one night’s visitation to Orange Park Florida, throughout the Thrasher-Horne Theatre.
Eleven individuals brought Christmas spirit to those who were in attendance for over an hour and a half, of sheer acapella entertainment.  The audience was serenaded with more that fifteen holiday tunes and medleys from different styles of singing and voice/instrument duplications.

There was storytelling, audience interactions, and the group even came out to meet & greet with fans that weren’t kept waiting while they changed clothes.  Besides being excellent vocalists, the troop is down-to-earth and engaging with the public.  We also had the pleasure of meeting each singer on stage, before a short intermission.  Attendees were then treated to a delightful gospel Christmas song, “Go Tell It On The Mountain”.

If these individuals that form the group Voctave come to a location near you, it would behoove you to be in the auditorium, theater or stadium, for some quality music.  We were so thankful that we had the opportunity.


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