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Clara White Mission - NBC Today’s Show - Ju’Coby Pittman

Update: (Originally posted on Examiner.com {no longer in existence} in October 2010)  As of today, CWM has more than doubled its graduates and added many more programs.

This reporter has read comments that were left on the pages of homeless shelters, halfway houses and other missions; and have viewed comments like: “They should get a job”, “I need help too, what about me and my family?” or “They shouldn’t have let themselves get into that situation”.    Some people are just a paycheck away from asking someone (they don’t even know) to lend them a hand.  Not all homeless persons are criminals either.  Clara White Mission is a sanctuary for people who desire to help themselves get back on their feet as they continue life in the right direction.

Remember the movie “
Pursuit of Happiness”?  Will Smith portrayed Chris Gardner, a man who was a little ‘down-on-his-luck’ and was homeless for awhile whilst raising his toddler son.  Someone gave him a chance to make-good on what was a bad situation.

The Clara White Mission doesn’t just ‘lend-a-hand’, but the mission educates, and uplifts its individuals through the donations of others.  Al Roker of the Today Show and Pepsi awarded the Clara White Mission with a grant for $50,000

The Clara White Mission, located near downtown Jacksonville, Florida, is one place that assists people with getting back on their feet and becoming productive, self-respected individuals in the community.  The center is a 501c3 non-profit organization which has helped over 500 students through its ‘culinary arts program alone, and there also is a soon-to-open ‘janitorial program’.

The center offers ‘Transitional Housing’, a ‘Culinary Program’ which offers job placement, and ‘Banquet Management’.  Other training offered through Clara’s are the locally famous “Clara’s at the Cathedral” open for lunch every Friday with its everchanging menus; “The Ashley Street Catering Center” that is equipped to supply your next event with professionalism and exquisite foods; “The Drop-In-Day Center” is an encouragement local that will help persons to help themselves.  “The Daily Feeding Program” serves the homeless (400-500 a day) a nutritious hot lunch from Mondays to Fridays at 613 W. Ashley Street in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, and a beneficial breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays.

Since Mr. Roker featured Clara White Mission in 2010, Ju’Coby Pittman (CEO of Clara White Mission) had stepped up her political game for the political council race.  In 2015, Ms. Pittman remains the 22-year President and CEO of the Clara White Mission.  Pittman is a native of, and advocate for Jacksonville, with over 30 years of experience working in the public and private sectors of the community.

As of March 2014, she entered the race for a Council seat in Jacksonville, Florida.  Now, City Council Candidate Pittman had announced that she will re-designate her electoral representation from City Council District 9 to City Council At-Large, Group 5 (vying for the seat of Robin Lumb) for the March 2015 election.  (SHE WON that race in 2015!!!).

Pittman's vast experience and leadership has catapulted the award-winning non-profit Mission from a $225,000 operation to its current $3.1 million budget.  She has been locally, regionally and nationally recognized for her innovation of job-training, job-creation and veteran housing.

Ju’Coby is seeking your vote once again in the run-off election on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, in order to continue her dedicated work for district 8.  Please make your way to the polls next month and VOTE for Ju’Coby Pitman once again.

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