Monday, June 9, 2008

“Standing On The Promises of God”

In order for there to be a “testimony”, there usually are some “tests” that we must “go through”. My next book (Bent But Not Broken) deals with issues of “getting through” different situations in our day-to-day lives. God told me to post this weeks Blog because we must confess (let other know of) our “tests” (things that we may be ‘going through’ and expecting to ‘get out of’) in order for there to be rejoicing over our “testimonies”. It’s what I refer to as “The Job Syndrome”. Are you following me?

Since our move to Florida, my Husband and I are trusting God for our house in New Mexico to sell, so that we may purchase a home here. We are standing on God’s Word and expecting our blessing.

Now, we are standing on ‘scriptures of healing’ for a burning skin condition (I Pet.2: 24, Js.5: 16, Ish. 53: 5, Jer. 17: 14, Mat.8: 13, Mat.12: 15, Lk.8: 47, Acts 14: 9 and others). We bind up the enemy and all his imps, in the name of Jesus. Ministering Angels, we command you to direct the proposed buyers of our property to our house, in the name of Jesus. Thank you Father God for Your many blessings.

We know Rom.2: 11 says, “For there is no respect of persons with God”. What He did for others – He will do for me. I have a “knowing” that I am healed. Just as I know that I am saved (rescued from living a life of destruction); therefore that same ‘knowing’ realizes that I am waiting of a Manifestation (physical evidence) that I have received my healing of burning skin (and no, I do not sit out in the sun). I receive my healing in Jesus name and I will continue to give all the praise to God. I will continue to do my writing & helping others because God is in control and I will honor Him.

For any of you who are out there with unfavorable reports – don’t give up; don’t give in; and don’t take down. Just ask yourself, “Whose report am I going to believe? I will believe the report of the Lord”. As for me and my house – we will believe the report of the Lord.

Ms. “V” (new design)
Trust – Believe – Receive

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