Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Overcoming obstacles, God’s got it!

Living a Christ-centered-life does not make one exempt from trials, but knowing Jesus Christ insures that you get through any situation that may come your way.  We’ve got to remain prayerful and trust Him.

Recently, I encountered another trial on my life.  As recorded earlier, starting in 2008, there have been numerous attacks on my body and God has delivered me through all of them.  There was Skin Burning, a Broken Ankle, a Pinched nerve that required Back Surgery to relieve the pressure on the Sciatic Nerve (Laminectomy), Shingles (without pain), diagnosis of COPD & in 2011 the first experience of Diverticulosis.  If it weren’t for the promises of God, I would have ‘lost it’ a long time ago.

Diverticulosis  Try to imagine blood coming from your rectum like running water – that’s what happened the first time I had a bout with this ailment.  This time it was darker blood, yet it was blood.  I’ve had difficulties with my bowels since my youth, and have been told to increase my dietary fiber.  Now, there’s got to be a change in my eating lifestyle.
is what I experienced once again, and was hospitalized for only two days.

I praise God that I didn’t have to get a blood transfusion as I did the first time.  I also thank my God that I didn’t have to have a colonoscopy, even after drinking the prep. solution.  Did I forget to mention that in each occurrence, I was always in the F.O.G. (favor of God); private rooms, courteous staff and knowledgeable Doctors.

Sure I was a little apprehensive because my maternal Grandmother died from rectal bleeding; nonetheless, my Husband, children and a few others prayed and assured me that God is faithful even though the natural eye may see things as a little scary.  Thank You God for Your Words on healing found in the Bible.
In Jesus’ name, this apparent generational curse stops with me through God’s healing touch, because “I Got a Lot of Living to Do!” (I like “Bye, Bye Birdie” – don’t judge me).

Sometimes people need to know that they’re not the only ones going through an illness, a trial or a test.  All of us do.  Be encouraged, you too can overcome menopause, arthritis and other sicknesses.  Don’t give up on yourself.  Continue to TBR (Trust in God’s Word, Believe that what He say, He will do and Receive His healing touch in your life)