Monday, October 5, 2015

Oregon and other senseless killings: Who’s to blame?

It was only last week that Pope Francis visited the United States with aspirations of hope and healing for this world, then on Thursday October 1, 2015, a mentally disturbed gunman opened fire at Oregon's Umpqua Community College.  According to Fox News6 Now, the gunman, who was not a Christian, asked the individuals what religion they claimed.  Those who affirmed Christianity were

Pope Francis and his visit to the US
Since the 1800’s there have been too many school shootings in the United States, not to mention movie theatres and other venues.  According to the Today Show, there have been 31 mass shootings since Columbine and the statistics are startling.  If you missed the show on Friday, take a look at the findings.

Who is to blame?  The President and government are tired of the holocaust and want to ban guns.  The NRA says that their organization, and what it stands for, is not to blame.  So who or what is the cause of all the senseless crime against humanity?

In Christianity it is taught that the devil is the one who is at the helm of all the confusion and unrest.  When the Pope came to the US to bring the people a vision of hope for their future, the devil became agitated.  He once again, sought and found someone to use for his destructive mannerisms.

God has given man the free-will to live his life upon this earth.  Man chooses what path he will take, if it will be a path to goodness or a path to evil.  The shootings, that make no sense, are not of God, but of the one who roams this earth causing death and destruction.  God wants us to know Him as our Father.  God doesn’t want anything bad for His children.

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