Thursday, November 8, 2007

“ToTo –Where Are We?”

We’re not in Kansas. This isn’t Germany. We didn’t get dumped off on the docks of Bermuda. Where in the world (or should I say, the USA) have the Poller’s been assigned? Why are we in this new land?

I lived so long in the Mid-West that I had to rediscover myself. I had to get back to my roots and appreciate my heritage. When we moved this last time, it was such a shock to my system; I had to realize that my family was the only ‘black family’ on the block (Oh, my God – I’m Black!). I hadn’t realized that we were the minority in our community. It was never an issue. We (my family) were never treated poorly or made to think that race was ever an issue. We were in a small rural town that was struggling to survive and it really didn’t make any difference what the color of your skin was. Everyone in the community had a common goal to achieve; and that was, “survival”. The Air Force Base was scheduled to close and that may have meant some loss jobs.

When we traveled the globe with the Military – we all had a common goal and that was to survive 20 years and to retire with benefits. Today, one has to worry about staying alive in order to reap a reward.

Each place where my family has been stationed – we endured everything until our next assignment (I thank God that our family has the initiative to speak up [boldness] and speak out when the time presents itself). Things may not be perfect where you’re at; but you need to make the best of it and learn to adapt (be content and not complacent). Usually the place where you are presently at (whether you know it or not) is the best place for you to be.

Living where I am now has proven to be a challenge and an adventure. There are some ‘styles’, ‘trends’, ‘opportunities’, ‘gifts’ & ‘talents’ that I have never seen, or some that I’ve missed seeing in awhile (and let’s not forget those things one can’t acquire in a smaller city). Remember, I told you that I was ‘black’ well; I now have to catch up on my ‘blackness’; integrate where some dare not go (which doesn’t bother me none), and keep from being classified as a ‘sellout’.

The Bishop at the church that my husband and I have started to attend, made mention about some ‘black folks’ who “player-hate” if they find out that some other blacks may want to go to a play or another cultural event. This is no reason to “hate”. You would be surprised at the number of people (black & white) who would rather look down at the ground instead of looking in your eyes & saying, “Good Morning”. Then there are those folks who try to make you think that they are ‘better than you’ (Boogies). They stick their noses in the air and talk down to others. There is also an atmosphere of “The Crab Syndrome”. “If I’m not going to make it – then neither will you”.

I have also noticed a sense of ‘hopelessness’ among all nationalities. Much prayer is still needed for the “South”. Were we placed in this area “For such a time as this”? This is where I’ve landed. It’s the “good” mixed in with the not so good. The faster paced lifestyle with a ‘down-home appeal’. There are some people who do desire to get ahead and these are the people who need to be encouraged and supported in their efforts. My take on the “Crab Mentality” is: “If you don’t want help getting out of the pot, or you want me to cook in the pot with you – Turn Me Loose! I got to go! I’m going to smile and show all of these braces in my mouth every chance I get. That’s my mission right now.

“I’m alright – don’t nobody worry about me…”

Love to you ;)

Ms. “V”