Sunday, February 1, 2009


Below is a prayer that our Pastor Bishop George Davis gave to our church family; Faith Christian Center, on Jan. 15, 2009.
My belief is that it will benefit anyone who can take the time to believe on Him.


“As the Seed of Abraham I am blessed by God through the Blood of Jesus Christ! The most valuable possession ever, was paid to cancel out every sin, sickness, pain, debt, depression, and obstruction that I could ever face.

As a believer, I CHOOSE not to participate in this earthly recession. Instead I CHOOSE abundance, overflow, and increase in the face of a worldwide economic crisis. I DECLARE that all of my needs are met. I am free from debt. And, I have sooooo much more to put in store. I DECLARE that I won’t live in a place called ‘lack’. Instead, I live on Increase Boulevard where there is no need He can’t supply. My God took care of Isaac in a time of famine and He’s doing the same for me. He provided for Israel in a wilderness and He’s doing the same for me. I expect to do better during this season than any other season of my life. And, I promise that I will shine forth the Glory of God to let a dark world know that my God is the Most High God.

I am filled with the Glory of God. Therefore, I outshine any darkness that persists in the world around me. Since my blessings do not originate from this earth, I am not bound to prosper nor receive according to what this earth dictates. My God supplies all my needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. I am Blessed!! I CHOOSE to receive God’s best. I CHOOSE to live for God, because He is my source and not this world. I CHOOSE life and not death. I CHOOSE to overcome every situation that arises by leaps and bounds. I DOMINATE!! I CHOOSE to dream and achieve according to my faith. Sorry looks back; worry looks around; but as a Blood-Bought member of the body of Christ, I CHOOSE to look up to the most High God. As the blessed of the Lord, I CHOOSE to win at all times in Jesus’ Name!! Amen and So Be It!!”

We all are in areas or degrees of blessing fulfillment. We all are expecting (or should be) whatever it is that we have asked God for. My charge to you is: “Never give up – Never surrender (to the devil) [Yes, that was part of a line from a movie]. All you have to do is hang out, do what you need to do and TBR.

Love of Christ,
Ms. “V”