Thursday, September 25, 2008

Coming Real Soon ;)

Why allow what someone did or said, keep you away from what God has for you. I invite you to come see what may have been on your mind all those years that you attended a church house. Welcome back to your “First Love”, and make yourself at home.

“Bent But Not Broken” &

“Where Did That Come From? II”

Victoria Thomas Poller, is the author that will redirect your life and love back to God. The author’s aim is to inspire the reader to want to learn more about, and from God. After reading her books, blogs and listening to her interviews; the reader should have a greater desire to fellowship one with another as brothers and sisters in Christ, and feel confident about attending a church that is teaching the Word of God. Victoria’s inspirational thoughts can be used as a witnessing tool; and her books are a great gift for your Christian & non-Christian friends alike.

5 Reasons Why People Don’t Attend Church

1. “I don’t know enough about church stuff”
Victoria’s books will enlighten you.

2. “I feel uncomfortable around strange people”
Victoria’s books will help you.

3. “I’m afraid God doesn’t love me anymore”
Victoria’s books will encourage you.

4. “I’ve been hurt by too many church folks”
Victoria’s books will soothe you.

5. “I don’t feel like going”
Victoria’s books will motivate YOU.

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