Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Now I Really Know Him

When I attended elementary school, God instilled in my fellow classmates and me a sense of how to do things on cue while we concentrated on other things.

Let me explain. During church services, we were programmed to know when the proper time came to sit, stand or kneel, especially when we would hear certain words spoken in another language. I’m not being sacrilegious, but think about it. I was brought up in a church that ministered in Latin (a language I knew little about), and, although I was present physically, I was miles away in my mind. The times that I can recall hearing and understanding what was being taught were only during the sermons of Christmas, Easter, and Lent.

The experience did teach me discipline. I was instructed in religious truths each day because catechism[1] was part of the curriculum. The Word of God touched my life early, beginning in the first grade.

This man Jesus, whom I was drilled on and taught about daily, I did not know. I knew of Him, but oh! how sweet it is to really know our Savior. We are privileged to be able to learn from the Bible how we should live and conduct our lives in order to enjoy the many things which God has for us in this world and in the world to come.

[1]an elementary book containing a summary of the principles of the Christian religion, esp as maintained by a particular church, in the form of questions and answers.

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