Friday, July 25, 2008

“To Our Men & Women In Uniform”

For all the men and women who never got a chance to receive a ‘heart-felt thanks’ for serving in the military, risking their lives, having to live with the memories of hurt and pain; allow me to take a little time to say, “Thank You”.

To all you Veteran’s from past and present wars – “Thank You”. For those of you who have received the letter from our government stating, “We wish to inform you…” – Thank You. To all the men & women who leave their own families back home to defend the land that we stand on and love – “Thank You”. For the times that you were too hot, to cold, too wet; too scared, too lonely, too overburdened and too homesick; please accept my sincere – “Thank You”.

No one may have greeted you at the airport when you returned home battered and worn – “Thank You”. When there was no party thrown in you honor – “Thank You”.

When you think that no one really cares, know this: Jesus just gave me the permission to let you know that you have not been forgotten. You are a celebrated hero and not just a tolerated soldier.

You are victorious. You are appreciated. You are on our minds and in our prayers, so please, allow us to say — “THANK YOU”!!!!!

(I regret being late this week. It’s been a jammed-packed week. Our dog Pugsley had surgery on an infected anal sac. He’s much better. I’m getting ready for my 5yr. Colonoscopy [fun, fun]. Internet communications are growing, books are making progress, my Palm Pilot crashed [thank God for backup systems], and life goes on.) It’s all good ;)