Monday, September 16, 2013

Are You Part of a Committed Choir?

Bitburg Gospel Messengers

When attending a place of worship, there’s usually a Church Choir or a Praise & Worship Team in place to usher in the presence of the Lord and aid the Pastor in delivering the message from God.  These vocal members come together to make a joyful noise unto the Lord, but sometimes during the rehearsal period, there can be some strife among the brethren.

Recently it was brought to my attention how beautiful the voices might be on Sunday morning, but if the enemy is allowed to enter into rehearsals, there can be confusion, hurt feelings, and general disorder in the group.

Take a moment and make sure that your choir/praise team is prepared to welcome the people into the house of the Lord, with the right spirit.

Choirs and Commitment
If a choir is not dedicated and disciplined, then they will not be effective.  When there are no rules, and a member does what he or she wants to, and comes to practice when they choose to, then the other, faithful members become disillusioned and disinterested.
Bitburg Gospel Children's Choir
The ministry of serving God in song is not a show-and-tell, or “They need my voice to uplift the congregation” experience.  I believe, if a person has not been blessed to sound like BeBe or CeCe Winans, then they can sing out to the Lord in a sweet bouquet of song in their own way.  Attitude is most important, especially in remembering to whom we’re singing, and what we’re singing for.
I have seen the anointing leave a choir over the years due to a haughty spirit within that choir.  The Lord will bless our endeavors to a certain point.  We have to do our part: Come to rehearsal on time, be devoted to the ministry, be committed, and be faithful.  This is what God expects from us when we sing and everyone will be blessed.
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