Monday, October 14, 2013

“A Time to Sew, So I Can Sow”

As I continued to cross-stitch, I had an inward desire to worry.  “What would happen if I didn’t pay   Sure, it’s important for me not to forget about my debts, and worrying wouldn’t get me any money to pay them.  I prayed for peace.  I had to allow myself to bathe in that perfect peace that God offers.  I had to cast my care and fill my spirit with positive music.  I continued to recall God’s promising scriptures and continued to produce fruit from my hands.  You know, there are seeds in that fruit, and when planted, those seeds will produce more fruit.  Lord, I thank you that I have my health, and I thank you for the prosperity that is to come.  I’m able to drive to the gym (about seven miles) and keep gas in the car.
this bill or that bill?”

I look back on the lives of David, Job and Jeremiah, to name a few, who had good years and some not-so-good years, yet, through it all, God came through and supplied them with victory.  Their deliverance may have taken some time, but nevertheless the victory came.  Time even passed a little slowly for Esther before she came into her deliverance and victory.  Her success to reign as queen took a few years.

Today, at the place where I pick up my mail, I was talking with a gentleman about how I was so ready to receive my millions from Dick Clark and Ed McMahon and that I wasn’t going to order any more magazines.  He laughed, but I was serious.  Satan had to take his hands off of my finances.

Last nights’ Bible study lesson was about “Putting Your Trust in God and Not in Man.”  “Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is” (Jer.17:5, 7).  Sure, God has promised us blessings and that men will be the vessels to give to us (Luke 6:38), but we cannot select who it will be, when it will happen, or what they will have for us—only God knows all the ingredients and how to mix them.

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