Tuesday, January 5, 2010

♥♪♪♫•*•*¨*•♫*.♥Happy New Year♥♪♪♫•*•*¨*•♫*.♥ 2010

As you have previously read, we were in a state of Limbo from Oct. 2007 till Oct. 2009. That was 2 years of ‘going through’ times that we were not accustomed to. Since then we have moved into a lovely home. We seen our daughter through a divorce and our Granddaughter has the opportunity to interact with other children four times a week in day care (she’s so smart for her age). We expect, and thank God for the blessings that are still coming.

Van is in a work related position that he thoroughly enjoys, and he’s back to basketball referring which gives him his exercise. He plays a mean lead guitar (that would make Jimi Hendrix cry) and serves on the sound team at church. This is not a task, but is welcomed on the weeks that he is scheduled. His ‘honey-do’ list is minor around the home.

God has blessed us above our expectations and all we had to do was to wait on Him and apply ourselves to do our part.

Ms. “V” is selling her books and is getting the next one ready. She has received over one-hundred dollars from the Examiner.com for her articles and referrals. You may say that that’s not all that much in a three month period, but it’s more than she had before she started writing for them. She’s working on the ‘communication’ side of the house in church as she continues to encourage others. Ms. “V” has gotten back to taking care of herself (exercising) so she can be healthy while praying for others.

The devil will tell you, “That ain’t no testimony. Anybody could have done that, gotten that, said that, received that or accomplished that” (he can’t use English well either a double negative yield a positive, so you’re blessed anyway.). But the truth is, only YOU could have received what was meant for YOU and now it’s time to tell it. No matter how insignificant you think your “blessing” may be. It’s yours. God gave it to you, and it will inspire someone else to “Hold on” until they receive theirs. Don’t forget that your blessing will also let your Pastor know that his messages have not been in vain. You were listening and you did what you had to do. Now, “Go Tell It” (that song is stuck in your head now isn’t it? ;)

♥♪♪♫•*•*¨*•♫*.♥Happy New Year♥♪♪♫•*•*¨*•♫*.♥ 2010

Ms. “V”