Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Church Is a Business

Don’t get offended and out of sorts over this topic. Allow me to explain and give you an enlightened understanding.

The primary business of a church is to win souls for Christ and the Kingdom of God. There are steps the church has to complete, on a regular basis, in order for it to run according to God’s will.

1. The church structure and working body has to function.
a)Bills have to be paid, utilities, mortgage, salaries, food, travel expenses (and don’t just look at the pastor as being the only person to travel. Don’t we, as a church body, go on trips? Don’t we eat at different functions?), equipment, office supplies, books, and the list goes on. All of these bills must be met.

2) The needs of the congregation must be met.
a) Visitations – geared to console a person’s mind, soul, and physical being.
1) Seeing those who are first-time visitors in the church.
2) Visiting and ministering to those who are in the hospital.
3) Care, cell, or small group leaders attend to the needs of the people on a smaller scale.
4) Consoling those who have lost a loved one through death.
5) Marital or Psychological Counseling.
b) Financial Needs – If a bill needs to be paid, and you have tried to “Rob Peter to pay Paul” (making sure that Peter did go to work to earn the money ), yet you just can’t seem to make the payment this month, the church is there to assist you. There is also some money set aside monthly for those who are transients or for the homeless. We trust God that the person in need will be able to pay their debts the next month and will have enough money left over to bless someone else after their tithes have been paid.

The church must continue to grow, and pastors are placed within each congregation to see that the needs are met, and God’s will is being done. The pastor of the church cannot do everything himself, and he/she needs other help, besides that of the Holy Spirit, and that’s where the staff comes into play. And yes, the staff members could volunteer their time, but for a business to operate properly...

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