Thursday, July 10, 2008

Relocation Update – Florida/ July 08

Have you asked your friends how they’re doing lately? Please allow me to “Thank you” right now for all of your prayers.

Van & I are more in love today than we were yesterday. Father God is with us continually and His Holy Spirit gives us peace & joy, in Jesus’ name. We are continually being blessed and Thanking Him daily for His Grace (unmerited favor).

Here are a few hurdles that we’re conquering, and all the Glory goes to God:

Ø No, our house in New Mexico has not sold as of this writing, but watch God.
Ø Yes, we are prepared to purchase a home here in FL. Even though we have two households that we are maintaining, Jehovah Jireh is our source.
Ø Yes, our children & parents are closer to us, and they are receiving encouragement to Trust-Believe and Receive from God.
Ø Yes, gas is high, yet our supplier is in the oil business.
Ø Yes, we’ve found a great place to be ‘Spiritually Fed’, and we are getting ready to help out when we’ve completed our classes.
Ø Yes, my teeth are getting straighter with my braces.
Ø Yes, my face and neck are clearing up meanwhile my body is getting accustomed to the climate and locale. I am healed!!!
Ø Yes, my books are coming out this fall, and you’ll be impressed. Have you seen the website that Van created? It’s HOT!!
Ø Yes, I continually study & research the scriptures, and submit articles to online magazines monthly and quarterly.
Ø Yes, our nation seems like it’s “going to hell in a hand-basket” (Where Did That Come From?”) yet, we have the power to change things through prayer (II Ch. 7:14)
Ø Yes, we’re able to pay our tithes and give offerings every week, thank God.
Ø Yes, we still have household chores even if the house isn’t that big (going to the Laundromat, washing the 5th wheel etc.).
Ø Yes, I still exercise daily by walking the dog three times a day ;)

This is not an “Oh, Woe is Me” Blog, but these things had to be told to show you how God can, and will deliver His people in the midst of change. If we can ‘go through’, then so can you. It was written for someone out there, who needs to know that Our God is not a respecter of anyone. Rom. 2:11. He delivers.

Until next week, continue to Be Blessed to Be a Bigger Blessing.
Ms. “V”