Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Poller Christmas 2007

Another year is almost over and there is sooooo much to be said. How are you and all of your family? Van & I look so forward to receiving your letters, family photos and blessings.

So much has happened since last Christmas and I will try to go slowly through my daily planner. Our lives have changed greatly. Please know that I am not bragging, just want to let you know how good God is and that we trust Him to be Lord over our lives.

WE NOW LIVE IN FLORIDA (address change is at the bottom). The whether here prompts me to know that I am NOT going to hell. The heat and humidity ;( and it is December (winter?). For those of you who have been blessed with Military movers, this move was on us. We used ABF Transport. We pack, they move & store and we unpack. It was very different for us, but thank God we paid attention to the mover’s years before; we also thank Him that we file long form on our income tax. Wow!!

Whatever you do, please keep exercising. Do something if not just walking. I am an advocate for exercise, because the more mature you get, our joints need to be moved or they’ll loose their momentum. Van and my health are excellent. Allow me to go back to the first of the year and give a synopsis of the year in brief:

Rob (Georgia) still single and handsome & Tonya (Florida) are closer to us and doing quite well (Oreo, her dog is still traveling with her).

Pugsley, our dog, is still with us. He made the trip very well.

Van – was working on staff at the church in Clovis, as a man who wore many, many hats doing God’s work. He took a trip to Florida, to visit his parents in June, before joining Rob & me in Atlanta. Van continued to referee basketball in N. M. and W. Tex. and now in Florida. He works for “Publix” (a grocery store chain in Ga. & Fl.) as a computer technician. God has truly showed favor. He has a 2008 Chevy company truck, a company credit card, a laptop, a cell phone, uniforms & benefits. What a mighty God we all serve. What the devil means for evil, God will turn it around for the good and His glory.

Victoria – Is a grant writer for Clovis Christian Schools. It’s a 501C3 school that accepts donations for it’s new facility to open on Jan. 08. She was a Clovis Chamber Board member & an Ambassador, & was on the Cultural Arts Board member at Clovis Community College. The movie “Believe In Me” was filmed in Clovis & released (No, she was not in it – just a little info ). Clovis had a Tornado in March (unusual for that city, only one person lost). Braces were attached to her teeth for her 57th birthday in Mar. Now, she’s promoting her book through Mr. Hubert McCloud (her public relations manager) and working on two other novels along with her myspace audience (see www.victoriapoller.com)

Van & Victoria – was in the third year publishing “A Time To Shop”, a Christian Businessmen’s Directory. We vacationed in Las Vegas for a week @ Planet Hollywood in May. Got a chance to visit Rob in June, and took our second week of vacation on a cruise to Mexico.

Now, for more details about our move to Florida. The opportunity presented itself for Van & I to be close to his parents and our children. We prayed and were directed by the Lord to “Go for it”. We’re living in our 5th wheel and waiting for the Lord to sell our home in Clovis. While we are waiting, we’re also looking for a home here in Fl. It is so well with our souls. We have found a great church and we’re going through classes to understand the directions of this ministry. Well I’m almost out of paper. Please keep in touch and you can reach Van through his myspace. Until then, have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. ;)