Monday, October 20, 2014

When Gossip Isn’t Gossip

When you spend over 20 years serving in the military, you acquire a lot of friends (acquaintances, allies or people) who you know by name or sometimes, only by face.  Some people may be good life-long colleagues and some persons you may never want to see or hear about them again.

Nevertheless, there may be a time when you might want to pray for that person (nothing evil, but good).  But without former knowledge, we discover that a friend has left this earth, (bought the farm, passed-away, died) and not one of your associates on social media mentioned the fact that this person was gone from this earth.

We tend to use these social interaction sites to post what we may think is funny, informative, inspiring, or aspiring.  We say, “It’s our page and we can post whatever we want to post on our page as long as it’s not offensive to others or derogatory according to the website creators.”  That’s fine, but all I’m asking is that we let others, in our inner circle of chums, know what’s happening with other people that we have in common.

Whether it is a death, a celebration in that person’s family, an illness, a milestone or something else that would be encouraging to know; we should make mention of it and not assume that someone else will tell the story.

It’s not gossiping to talk about our friends stations in life.  We can call our other friends, text them or message them.  We never know when we would be needed to encourage others who may need to hear a kind word or know that God is there with them in their time of need.

Gossip – idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others.  Don’t be confused about what we communicate.  The prayer of a good person has a powerful effect.

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