Wednesday, June 3, 2015

“Time Will Tell”

(September 13, 1997)

Spiritual Band-Aid
It’s been awhile since I’ve written down the blessings and the trials, but let’s continue.  “For it’s by your grace, Lord, that I continue to travel this life’s journey.”  Five days ago the family was on their way to the gym to exercise (Let me explain.  Since we were military, we can use the exercise facilities on the military base at no charge, but we still have to buy gas for our car to go out to the base, which is approximately fifteen miles).  My daughter was driving my car and my husband was co-captain in the front.  All of a sudden, the car quit running and we smelt burnt rubber.  The spiritual band-aid (see page about spiritual band-aids; “Mr. And Mrs. Fix It”) had worn out, and our engine was gone.  It would take $3,000 to repair the car; our mechanic gave us that figure in the estimate.  We got a couple of second opinions, and that was that.  We needed a new engine.  God blessed us that we were able to pull over.  He sent one lady that we knew from another church, to take my husband back home for his truck and a towing chain.  Two gentlemen from our church and a pizza deliveryman were also sent from the Lord to help out.  My Father was supplying help.  Still, life goes on, and we must continue to work while it is day.

Sales were slow.  Rent and the bank note for the repairs on the building were due.  No merchandise was coming in, and stock was okay.  I thank God for the husband that He gave to me.  He did not place blame on me for opening the business.  Our situation was financially tight.  Things that we had to face day by day were still going on.  Why would they cease because of our financial difficulty?  We were now down to one mode of transportation.  I still had a store, my daughter had her part-time job, and my husband was still working for Uncle Sam.  We had social, church, business, school and other obligations we were working on that still needed to be accomplished.

I needed a financial blessing at this time, and I had to see where and how I was going to obtain it.  Was I supposed to…

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