Monday, February 16, 2015

A Wife, Mother, Caregiver...

This writer got so busy this past week that I forgot to write a post.  Please forgive me, hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day and that you will have a lovely week.
A Wife
A wife – hands you your mother’s birthday card and says, “Here Honey, sign this and say something nice to your Mom.”
A wife – juggles each day’s itinerary with a smile when you tell her—the night before—that you forgot to remind her that she has a dentist appointment at 8:00.  She already had another place by 10:00, can’t be late for lunch with you at 11:45, has a school meeting at 5:00, a nail appointment at 6:30; the office party at 8:30 (Yes, we do socialize at work. You never know who may need to hear the Word of God).  Isn’t it a good thing she planned that hair appointment yesterday, told Sue she’d go shopping with her next week, picked up a few groceries yesterday after work, and tomorrow just happens to be her day off from work?  Amazing!!!
Keep your eyes on Jesus - Stay focused!
A wife – reminds you that you do have children and will let you know their names and ages when you ask.
A wife – makes cookies the night before for her sons second-grade school party which she is supposed to be attending, walks her preschooler to the bus, comes home and does her daily devotional as she waits for a load of clothes to finish, picks up the mail, takes the clothes to the cleaners, picks up her preschooler from the bus stop, makes dinner, gets ready for a women’s meeting, and listens attentively while her spouse tells her of his busy day.
A wife – has super-sensitive hearing, which lets her know when someone in the house calls out during the middle of the night, and built-in ear plugs to disregard the snores.
A wife – may not be the same size as she was when you met, but she continues to be the attractive beauty you married some years ago.
A wife – tells you she loves you and will stand by your side till earthly death do you part.
When all is said and done, a wife – takes all this in stride, loves every moment, and wouldn’t trade her life with anyone.

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