Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Tests going through a COVID pandemic

Well, God has done “IT” (He does a lot) once again. If you’ve read my previous two testimonies (Health care during a COVID-19 pandemic & Part II - Health care during a COVID-19 pandemic), you will note that I’ve been going through hell and I wasn’t about to stay there.  My last bout with the devil was as if I was being “punk’d” by him. I had to get a full “Skeletal Survey PTV” which is a series of X-rays from my head to my feet (26 films in all). It took an hour and a half. Let me take a moment to thank all who prayed for my healing and recovery without asking a lot of questions.

As some of you might know, an Oncologist specializes with your blood, and is also associated with cancer related matters.  Sure, the enemy tried to put fear in my mind, but I’ve been taught not to allow the devil have any power over me.

I believe that God is continually with us as we go through unfamiliar territory in order to be a blessing to others who may need help in building their faith; just as He did with Job in the Bible.

As it stands, I’m slowly gaining my weight, and overcoming some minor equilibrium issues. The doctor will see me again in December to make sure my numbers continue to be positive and hopefully he’s not trying to maintain a paycheck from me. I’ll be going back to the gym real soon, as I continue to live my life through this 2020 Coronavirus pandemic and beyond. #TBR and #FollowMeAsIFollowChrist.

I also need to give God the glory for supplying all my needs according to all that He possesses. We received a portion of the hospital bills, lab results and numerous doctors. God blessed my husband to have served in the military and have great insurance. I’m grateful that my mature age also allots me to collect the monies that I earned through social security. God creates many avenues of blessing, yet He is our source.

Van went with me to the Oncologist (October 20, 2020) to get the results of the Bone Marrow Biopsy, the urine test (I had to collect my urine for a full 24 hours - I had over a gallon and a half to take to the lab), Numerous blood tests, and a couple of consultations.

Call me crazy, but every time I see a butterfly cross my path, I praise and thank my God for LIFE!  Been doing that for many, many years and will continue to appreciate God speaking to me in this manner. OBTW, the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to go on and my bubble of protection remains steadfast and unmovable.