Monday, October 28, 2013

Does the Church Have a “Head Cold”?

The church body is under the attack of the devil, and the church has symptoms like that of the flu (Isaiah 29:9-15).
Stopped-up head:
Can’t hear the Word of God
Eyes swollen shut:
Can’t see our faults and sins
Body aches – pains:
Backsliding, backbiting, gossip, hurt by a church member
Coughing and spreading germs:
Sowing discord among the brethren
Itchy, watery eyes:
We can’t see the enemy before us
Can’t understand the Word of God
Suffering from attacks of the enemy on our health
Hot for the things of this world or anger towards one another
Can’t breathe:
Unable to witness to anyone due to a lack of knowledge—not studying the Bible
Open our understanding to God’s Word and bind up sickness and disease.
Take medication and rest.  Rest in the Lord Jesus Christ and have a large dose of the Holy Spirit, our comforter and protector. Let’s have some of the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
Pain Reliever: Take a dose of the Word of God.  Listen to the Holy Spirit instead of just hearing Him.  Act on the Word and let our light so shine before men. (Mat. 5:16)

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