Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Cards – why?

Some people may have already started decorating for Christmas, yet in some households the traditional time to “deck the halls” comes right after Thanksgiving.

There are also cards to send out (although a lot of people have evolved more to cyber greetings then using the standard Christmas card). Or are people waiting to see who will send them a card first? Sending cards should not be a chore or an obligation. It’s a time to “reach out and touch someone”.

Yes, the cost of stamps has increased; yet take note how the number of your friends, relatives and associates may have dwindled. Some people may have died or just aren’t doing as well as you seem to be doing. They may be “too busy” (now that’s a sad and overused expression – we’re all busy these days), they might have lost your address, or they may have lost their joy – ‘Bah Humbug’. Your card may be the only tangible thing they receive, and can look at throughout the year, knowing that someone still cares.

Cyber cards are fine; however a hand written card is exceptional. It may take a little time, effort and money (you don’t have to get expensive cards); nonetheless it shows that you thought enough to send the very best (sounds like a slogan doesn’t it?). Even if you get your secretary to do the work for you, it’s better than putting all you addressed in “CC or BCC”, adding a cute little graphic and hitting the “send button”.

You may not want to “stay-in-touch” anymore (because the other person didn’t respond last year or they just ‘ticked-you-off’), but give the communication effort a couple of years before you decide to disconnect. You may need to let the other person know that they offended you; then do it with kindness, forgive them and move on with your life. The question to ask yourself is, “Who are your friends or who are mere acquaintances that you no longer have a ‘common bond’ with?” Sometimes it’s a tough decision (does the person need your friendship, or are they just sucking the life out of you?) After the second year of no response, it’s time to let it go.

Instead of thinking how horrible your life may be right now or how you wish you were like ‘so and so’; consider that you may be better off the way you are (hold that thought until you watch the video to your left). Whatever the reason, this is the season to forgive. You still should have someone that could use a kind word from you this year.

If you’ve been blessed to have someone’s physical address, then go ahead – send them a card. The longer you live – the shorter your Christmas card list may become. It shouldn’t be hard to stay in touch at least once a year. Take a little time out of your busy schedule and send a card today. It’s good to get something in the mail besides bills and advertisements.