Monday, October 1, 2012

Moving On Up With Our Lord

As former Military members, we are use to relocating and within a few months, moving into a new home – but not this time.  I know women like details, yet I’ll try to be brief.

A few years after our military retirement, my husband (Van) and I decided to move closer to family from Clovis, New Mexico to Jacksonville, Florida.  It took a lot of getting use to; nonetheless, we arrived in our 27ft. RV (Recreational Vehicle) back in September 2007.

The RV was fine for my hubby, me and a small dog, but when you add a Daughter, my Grandbaby and another dog – things got a little tight.  God blessed us with this house on wheels, yet imagine 3 adults, a baby and 2 dogs in a small confined space.  My second book (Bent But Not Broken) was birthed while in that RV.

Our house in NM wouldn’t sell and had gone into “Short Sale”.  Van had his military retirement, but no work offers from the applications that had been submitted.  He was receiving a couple months pay from a previous position, and the money was going down.  It looked bleak.  Finally, God moved on our behalf and his Miracle Position came through.

Did I forget to mention that we were paying for a house in NM, paying RV rental lot fees and household goods storage fees on all our furniture here in Florida.  Lots of money was going out and more bills than paycheck.

We are strong believers in what God can & will do for us despite our time restrictions.  Have you ever NOT wanted to come home because of the way things are at home?  Not emotional but physical.  And don’t tell me we should have been grateful for a roof over our heads.  During Tropical Storm Faye, the RV had some leaking issues and needless to say the wind created some serious concerns.  Meanwhile the house in NM finally sold, although way below loan value.  The second mortgage (not a smart decision) is still being paid back.

We needed some relief until our needs were met. So, the Spirit of the Lord suggested that Van find a place for rent.  So, in November of 2009, we all moved (except for one dog) into a beautiful 3 bedroom home.  Home ownership was our desire but because of the “Short Sale”, home ownership was not possible at that time.  The rental was gorgeous and we could get rid of the storage bill and the RV space rental.  We have always been givers, so we donated the RV to a church in Georgia.  It’s amazing how God’s supply comes when necessary.  Sure you may have to wait, but the blessings are assured.

The entire time that we’ve been in Florida has not been ‘sunshine and lollipops’.  We’ve had sickness and death in the family and ‘Florida Children and Family Services’ continues to drag their feet; but, through it all, we NEVER stopped loving each other or loving God.  He has been with us every step of the way.  I’ve always signed my emails and certain correspondence with “TBR” (Trust, Believe, Receive), and we chose to remain faithful despite what it looked like in the natural.  So many blessings have come upon our family, but I promised that I would keep this post short.

On September 29, 2012, Van and I signed papers on our new 4 bedroom home.  We can once again, enjoy the pride and financial blessings of owning a home.  The scriptures say, “Wait upon the Lord”, “Rejoice in the Lord Always”, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee”.  We kept God first and foremost in our lives and we allowed Him to lead us to our perfect blessing.  TBR!!! 

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