Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Holiday, What happened to Merry Christmas?

 It’s time to go shopping once again, and this is a conversation that you might  hear one day:

“Good afternoon, I’d like to buy a Happy Holiday gift.”
“For what occasion Sir?”
“It’s a Happy Holiday gift for my wife.”
“Do you want a Valentine, Birthday, Anniversary, St. Patrick’s or a New Year’s day gift; or are you looking for an Easter, Mothers, Cinco de Mayo, Independence day, Labor day, Columbus, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Daylight Savings, Veterans, Hanukkah or a Kwanza gift?”
“No, none of those - I want a Happy Holiday gift.  People use to call it, uh, Christmas, yeah, that’s it – Christmas.  I want a Happy Holiday/Christmas Gift.”

Are we coming toward this type of department store conversation in the future?  Is there soon to be a day when we’ll have a separate departments in stores that run all year long, contains nativity sets, heart shaped boxed chocolates, shamrocks, bunnies, crosses, specialty foods, menorahs, turkeys, flags, pumpkins and fire crackers.  It would be the largest department in the entire store, well-stocked and well-staffed establishment; open all year long and available for your Happy Holiday needs.

If you’ve noticed, some of the above mentioned holiday names have been changed (and not to protect the innocent).  Why do we “mess with a good thing”?  Christmas is understood in many different languages.  Many websites would have to change their domain names if we were to replace Christmas with Holiday.  Are we to replace popular Christmas movies and Christmas songs with the words “Happy Holiday”?  Try it.  It doesn’t work.

Well, Merry Christmas and remember to keep CHRIST in the masses.

The Gift
It wasn’t given to you on Christmas, because we don’t wait to express ourselves on just one day; and besides that — it’s Jesus’ birthday and not yours.
It wasn’t given on Valentine’s Day, because we love you all year long.
It wasn’t given on St. Patrick’s Day, because we, as Christians, don’t believe in ‘luck’.
It wasn’t given on your Birthday, because we’re glad that God had a purpose just for you on that day; you were born and that was special enough.
It was given because of the love that God instills in us to be obedient when He calls us to bestow blessings to someone, and to give that ‘gift’ whenever He asks us to bless someone.
(Excerpt – Where Did That Come From?-Revised by Ms. “V”

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