Monday, April 29, 2013

“Forget You, Help Someone Else Too”

This is not a “look what I did” segment, but a “stop looking at your problems and think of someone else” portion.  On Thursday, a neighbor, who is also a friend we met while stationed overseas, passed from this life.  He was only forty-two, recently retired from the US Air Force, and he left a wife and three children.  The Holy Spirit prompted me to let the wife know that I was praying for her. (We don’t always have to express sympathy in words, or with cards or flowers.  All that is necessary sometimes is just to be there to listen or to hold someone when they’re ready to mourn.  The person who has left this world is, hopefully, going to a better place.  No pain, no strain, just a gain of eternal life through Jesus Christ.  But that was already discussed and will be discussed again later).  I asked her if she wanted me to contact our mutual friend in England.  The widow wanted our friend in England to know what had happened, and God used me to be a blessing to her in that capacity.  No, I didn’t consider the cost of the phone calls, the postage, or my time.  God would supply all my need, but I did make sure it was okay with my husband that I made the phone calls.  It was, and I pressed on and did what God would have me to do.

God gave me another revelation this morning while I prepared for church (the bathroom is a wonderfully quiet place to hear God speak to you).  If we praise God more and give Him the glory and the credit for the things not seen, we will reap more of His blessings.  It’s that easy.  Attribute it all to Jesus and make Him the Head-Man-In-Charge.  Have you noticed that, if we give all of the credit to Him, God will give us the desires of our heart because He won’t make Himself look bad?

“Lord, have I mentioned how much I miss shopping?”  I had received all the new fall catalogues.  All I could do right then was to claim the merchandise soon in Jesus’ name.  My blessings were coming in slowly.  I saw a pair of shoes that were marked down from $58 to $14.  That’s my kind of shopping!  The other blessing was that my daughter purchased those shoes for me from her second paycheck.  Here she was, sixteen-years-old, working part-time, and she thought of me.  What a blessing my children are!  I know God is going to bless me immensely by allowing me to be a blessing to others.

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