Monday, June 10, 2013

Little Dog Lost – God does care

Tonya Poller Lost and Found Pets NE Florida
“I'm looking for my Mini-Pin who just got out today, June 09 around 5 PM. Her name is Starr and she is microchipped with our address. She was last seen at 606 Park Ave across from the Orange Park Kennel Club. She is 7 years old and on a special diet of dog food she's been on since she was a puppy. PLEASE PLEASE call any hour if you see her or have any information. I'm a single parent and that's my daughters best friend. (Phone number) if I don't answer please leave a message. She's very sweet just call get by name. Please share with anyone you can!”

On Sunday afternoon, my Daughter lost her dog.  The dog escaped from her collar, so she wasn’t wearing any tags.  My Daughter Tonya and her Dad drove through her neighborhood, but they did not find the dog.  She then put the note above on Face Book.

Let’s backtrack and discover what had happened prior to the incident.  We had a wonderful morning at church service with praise & worship, and an enlightening sermon from our Pastor.  Well, my Daughter has been taught to tithe, even when the funds don’t seem to be there.

We had to leave service a little early, to go to a matinee downtown, and grab some lunch on the way.  As we began to leave the church grounds, my Daughter had me drive up to the church door so that she could drop off her tithes before we left.  She took the money from her savings to honor God with what was due to Him.

Our day went wonderfully and the play was enjoyed by all.  I dropped my Daughter & Granddaughter off at their home, knowing that Tonya had to walk her dog.  The dog escaped from her leash and collar & ran.

Trying to make a long story short; one of my church members suggested that we put the information on “Craigslist”.  Don’t you know that through prayer, good advice, being obedient to God and trusting in God – the dog was found Sunday night, by the Director of the Pet Shelter?

Here is the text message from God’s answer to our prayers:
Subject: Lost MINI-PIN (Orange Park, Fl)
“I found your dog running across 17 last night.  Her chip does not read so I'm happy to find your Craigslist post!  I have her at Safe Animal Shelter at 2913 CR 220 Middleburg.  Please claim her today.  (904) 276-7233”

Barbara Sprague
Executive Director Safe Animal Shelter

God not only cares about us, but He cares about the things that are dear to our hearts.  Nonetheless, we have to believe that He will give us the desires of our hearts when we pray to Him and have a covenant with Him.  #TBR (Trust, Believe, Receive).  The best of all "No Charge"!!!  God is so wonderful.

If you'd like to make an animal food or monetary donation, bring it to:
Safe Animal Shelter
2913 County Road 220
Middleburg, FL. 32068
(904) 276-7233

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