Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcome Little One

“She smells so good!” I can put Johnson’s Baby lotion ™ on me and ‘blah’, but on Serenity it is better than any of my fine expensive perfumes. Having a baby around again is so sweet.
Serenity Danielle is our first grandchild and she is a blessing from our Lord. She’s only a little over a week old but she’s such an advanced child and I’m not being prejudice. This baby took to breast feeding as if it was her only means of nourishment (oops – it is ;). I know that people brag about their children and grandchildren, but she ‘coos’ instead of crys. Her disposition is very peaceful as her name implies. We’ve only seen a tear in her eyes a couple of times and the problem be it poop, pee, a bubble, or a need to snuggle – she’s the focus at that time. No, I am not yearning for another child myself (no Immaculate Conception here) because I am thankful that my factory is still closed while the playground remains open.

Well, I must get back to (or should I say that, “I desire to get back to”) my writing and having a baby in the home is a soothing, calming experience to the spirit, soul and body. Enjoy your pre-holiday festivities and stay Blessed to Be a Bigger Blessing.

Ms. “V”