Tuesday, September 23, 2014

“I Don’t Work That Way”

One day as I was asking the Lord to help me through a particular situation, I waited and waited for an answer.  Numerous other things would go through my mind as I waited.  I was reading an article about a famous star and listening to some easy-listening tunes on the radio (did you know that God will answer you anywhere and at anytime and even when there is music in the room?).  I continued to ask Him about what I should do.  I rocked in my office chair and gazed outside of my window.  As I stared at the building across the street or looked at the sky through the telephone wires, the solution to my dilemma became clear to me.  I had thought all morning, analyzing the situation while the Lord continually listened to me.  Well, after a few hours, I had the solution.  “Lord, why didn’t you give me the solution earlier?  Why didn’t you just pop the idea into my brain?” I wanted to know.  His reply was, as He has told me many times before, “Because, I don’t work like that.”  We have to be continually in communication with God and sometimes just wait.  The answer is always coming.

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