Monday, April 30, 2012

Who or What Are You a Slave To?

What is a slave? A slave is a person who is the property of, and subject to another; a bondservant, a person entirely under the domination of some influence or person. Slaves always have something or someone controlling their lives.

What are some things that a person can be a slave to? Let’s take a look:
Automobiles – A car will put you into debt if you try to get the fastest, the most expensive, or the most popular version instead of something that is affordable or economical (and I’m also talking about those cars that have a stereo system that’s worth more than the car itself). A motor vehicle may keep you away from church and family while it gets your attention cleaning, polishing, tweaking, and updating it’s every physical and mechanical composition, if you allow it to.

Children – Yes, your children can make you their slave in more ways than one. Baseball games, soccer, music lessons, ballet, basketball, drama, and the list goes on and on. Now, there’s nothing wrong with desiring that your children have things better than you did, but do let it be the decision of the child. Also for those of you who are divorced or separated parents, don’t try to do everything that you can to be the child’s friend by trying to fill the gap of the other missing parent. If we allow them to, children can manipulate us. It’s okay to befriend our children, but we must remember that we are the parents and we have a commission to train our children in the way that they should go.

Drugs – Alcohol, cigarettes, tranquilizers, painkillers, sedatives, hashish, marijuana, codeine, TCP, smack, crack, and the list goes on. Such drugs have caused numerous families grief, separation, financial burdens, and even death. What started out as just an experiment, at one time, may have turned into a dependency problem after prolonged use.

Food – Eating when you’re not hungry. Consuming too much or the wrong types of foods will enslave you to other medical ailments such as obesity, heart trouble, diabetes, high blood pressure, bulimia, and possibly even death.

Time Management – When you waste precious time that you cannot retrieve; then you are subject to time deprivation (the absence, loss, or withholding of something needed). Always being late for appointments is oppressive. Not meeting deadlines at work can also be burdensome and can cause friction in the workplace or even loss of employment.

TV – Television has become a form of babysitting and a tool to lure people away from improving their minds by reading, participating in outdoor activities, or challenging their minds… To read more - get the book: "Where Did That Come From?" by Ms. "V" (Victoria Thomas Poller)

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