Monday, January 25, 2010

Go Tell It

Did you know that there are so many testimonies out there, not just in your local church body, but everywhere; yet people are just sitting on them? I don't know why they won't 'tell it', give God the glory and encourage someone else.

Don't they know that it doesn't matter how insignificant (little) they may think their story is, but it lets your Pastor know that God is blessing His people? It may be that they found $10 on the ground when they needed some milk (and it didn't fall out of the 'Offering Bucket'), or that they're getting a home built, or that they had a negative (good) report on their mammogram, or they received a credit on their electric bill (now that's really a miracle ;). It's all praise worthy.

Don't they know that the devil doesn't want us to 'tell it'? he doesn't want us to show someone else that all they have to do is to 'Wait on the Lord'. God is there (Jehovah Shammah) and He will comfort us and keep us until we can experience the victory.

Other peoples' testimonies and encouragement kept our family together when we were going through, and were hurting. It's always good to hear about others being blessed and know that we serve a God Who is no respecter of persons.

How do we get people to "Go Tell It"?

Ms. "V"

Still a “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!”