Thursday, September 4, 2008

This May Be Your Space, But It Was Entitled “Myspace”

Riddle me this: “Why do some people have so many friends on their “Social Network Pages”, especially if they’re not in the public eye? Is it because they want to see how many people they can accumulate?

When someone requests to be ‘my friend’, I usually will go to their site to see what they’re about. Friends should have common interests. For example: You may have known me a long time ago, you may have lost track of me, we have a mutual friend, you want to know more about God, or you may have a Spiritual Need; now we share a “point of interest”.

There are also so many ‘community groups’ that are popping up that it is impossible to join all of them. I’m associated with “Writers Interrupted” because we share a common thread – we like to write & we assist one another. “Shoutlife” is were I post Blogs to help others (there are 3 or 4 people who I actually know). And then there’s “MySpace”.Most of the people on my page I know or I’ve come to know. I don’t have many celebrities in my circle unless I want to learn from them; and believe it or not, I do pray for those on “My Space”, my Web Site and WI. Wouldn’t it be nice if people, who ask to be your friend, would convey what they want to bring to the table, such as: information, prayer, advice, wisdom, encouragement, knowledge, assistance, getting to know you etc. Some people may even just enjoy reading my weekly Blogs. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate friendship, but not to the point of solicitation.

My friends, old and new, are dear to me. I may not hear from them everyday, or every week, or maybe only once a month; but when I do hear from them, it’s a time that I enjoy. When I see their message in my ‘in box’ or see that they posted a Bulletin (or two); I want to see what they have to say.

The old adage, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, is true. When I don’t see any bulletins or messages from my friends; I pray. I pray in the Holy Spirit. I don’t know what may be the matter with them (busy because they’re doing great, or there may be a slump in their achievements, or they may need encouragement), but I pray and send a message if I am prompted to.

Some ‘bulletins’ are like ‘pop-ups’. There may be 7 or 8 advertisements of pass-it-on’s a day, by the same person. By the time I see my other friends, I have to go back 4 or 5 pages. So, like the commercial, from r the Ad Counsel on TV states: “I’m going to have to block you” (not right away). Maybe I’ve answered my own question. What do you think? Why do random people ask to be your friend on these “Social Networks”, if they don’t have a common bond? Let me hear your answers, please, and I hope I haven’t stepped on any toes.

Ms. “V”