Monday, May 10, 2010

Down But Not Out (Pt. II)

Situations or circumstances can lead you into a positive or negative direction. The Choice is up to you. You can choose to suck on lemons (doubt) or add some sweetener (faith) to make lemonade.

From the last Blog, I forgot to mention that our dog Pugsley stayed by my side when I fell. He licked me and whined until Van got to me. And speaking about Van – God has enabled Van to be off from work when need be. God is giving him exceptional strength to fill in where I left off plus taking on extra duties for home, church and the rest of the family. God has blessed me with a ‘super-dooper’ help mate. I love my husband.

It was two weeks after the accident and compared to the pain of childbirth, I’d rather have the broken bone. I was scheduled for Day Surgery (and I was in the hospital the whole day) on April 8, 2010. Two metal plates and some screws later, I moved on to another semi hard cast and a little leg exercises. I try not to depend on pain meds, but after the surgery some relief was needed, but not to dependence.

On April 22, 2010 I went to get the ‘staples’ removed from both sides of my ankle and now I have to get my ROM (range of motion) exercises done three times a day or more. The best news is that I won’t have to have a ‘hard cast’ put on. Praise God for modern science. I’m still not able to bare any weight on my right leg so the ‘walker’ is still my companion. In two more weeks I will get a “walking brace” and I’m looking forward to driving, exercising, helping out, going out, doing my household duties and getting back to my active life once again. Praise God for He is good and faithful.

So I will continue to do as the Doctor says now so that I will heal properly and not have any problems in the future. This injury is just temporary. There are other people who must make permanent life changes to maneuver around (those in wheelchairs or missing limbs) and I have a renewed respect for them.

Thanking God thoughts while off my feet:
1. Narcotics and crutches don’t mix – Just Say NO!!!
2. Prayer gives up the “perks” to the justified. Prov. 15:29, James 5:16
3. I had gotten a little “melancholy”. I cried when I saw my child & grandbaby leave for Easter Sunday service. I welled-up during a Publix (grocery store chain) commercial [a brother told his sister that he was going to miss his sister when she was about to leave for college], so sad ;(
4. Women should not break their leg and expect to go to a ‘public restroom’. One cannot “squat” over an open hole on one foot. Try it if you dare.
5. I’m so glad that I wasn’t on a cruise ship somewhere at sea when I broke my ankle. Can you imagine? People having fun and now you have to sit on the deck & take in the sea air and wonderful foods; well, then again, that’s changing lemons to lemonade.
6. Thank God that my “Bone Density” test results are in good standing.
7. Nail salon still won’t touch my feet. Thank God I have the stuff to ‘do-it-myself’.
8. NO PAIN – thank you for all the prayers that you said on my behalf.
9. Depression wants to come and visit often, but I refuse to open the door and let it in. I’ve got my research, my writing, praying and other positive things to focus my mind upon (Phil. 4:8).
10. I’m so thankful that we’ve got Military insurance and retirement benefits. Thank you Jesus.
11. Thank God we weren’t still living in the RV when the accident happened. There were 3 steps outside and 2 steps inside to climb.

Yesterday (May 6, 2010) was my Doctor’s appointment. Praise God that the x-rays (see Examiner article) are excellent. I am now able to bear weight on my right leg with the assistance of a “Rocket Sock” (support used by some athletes). It’s also time to massage each incision site to loosen the skin around the area and get better ROM.

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