Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Take Good Care of Yourself

God, Me, Family & Work
Time is a commodity that once it’s spent, you can never get that time back again.  Time is something that one should spend wisely.  Take time to be with your family and enjoy that time.  Steal-away continuously to be alone with God.

As in the diagram God should be primary.  He should be the first person you seek in the day and the last person that you think of and talk with at night.  Go to bed, wake up and “Praise the Lord.”  God is our father and as His children, He wants us to love Him and want to be with Him.  When we put God first, everything else will fall into place.

YOU should be next (take care of yourself).  If you don’t take care of yourself, how in the world are you going to care for another person, place or thing?  If you are a 'caretaker' then take some time to get YOUR annual physical, eat healthy, exercise and be the best You that You can be.  Pamper yourself a little, smile and be happy.

Next is your family.  Take them to church, don’t just drop them off.  Have dinner with them & leave the electronic devices in another room.  Attend their games, but don’t try to involve them in everything that you might have missed in your childhood.  Extracurricular activities should not control your time especially time away with your spouse.  Do all things in moderation.

Now for the thing that most of us need to do in order to have funds for the other three entities, and that is ‘work’.  We have to work in order to pay our tithes, give to others, put food on our table, pay for a roof over our heard, get a manicure, clothe our bodies and enjoy time out.  Sure, God supplies our needs, yet we have to do our part to live, nevertheless, we shouldn’t allow our jobs to overcome our families, ourselves or God.  It’s time to set our priorities in order and live our lives the way God intended.

Believe and Receive

You may ask, “If God is able, then why doesn’t He…?”
“Why doesn’t He heal me?”
“Why doesn’t He use me for His service?”
“Why doesn’t He prove this or that to me?”

Well, first of all, God is sovereign (having supreme rank, power, or authority).  He doesn’t have to prove anything.  Sometimes He does, but that’s up to Him.  He is Elohim (the Creator).  He is El Shaddai (the all-sufficient one).  He is God.

Secondly, the reason why God may not show Himself to you is because of your unbelief in this or that situation.  Or it may be because of a lack of faith.  Yes, I too sometimes have to build up my faith level in a particular area.  I’m striving to achieve the level that Brother Smith Wigglesworth had.  Through the power and anointing of God, he once resurrected a woman from the dead.  He slammed her against a wall and spoke life back into her body.  (Was that the first method of CPR—the Holy Ghost way?)

Yes, our faith has to be built up, and we do this by praying to our Father and asking for an extra dose of the Gift of Faith.  Then, while awaiting the manifestation of the gift of faith, we must believe that we have received it.  In other words:  trust, believe, and receive.

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