Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How do we avoid so many senseless massacres these days?

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Singer Christina Grimmie gunned down
Recently there have been more senseless killing in the United States, and very close in location to this writer.  Singer Christina Grimmie, former contestant on “The Voice”, was gunned down as she appeared in a concert in Orlando, Florida.  On Sunday, June 12, 2016, a lone gunman killed and wounded over 100 persons.  And don’t forget the church shootings that happened back in South Carolina, in 2015.  MSNBC has recently reported that one person dies from gun violence every 17 minutes.
In the first two incidences above, there is no chance of the killer being prosecuted; they will both killed.  Some people are blaming a particular ethnic group, others say that we need to ban guns altogether, yet what is the real common denominator?  Who’s to blame for the murders in Florida?  The death and destructions within the past few days and in the past history could only stem from nothing but “evilness”.

We the people of the United States, have lost our moral standards.  We have taken God out of everything.  We use to have prayer in public schools. We held the ten commandments in high esteem.  We taught our children about respect for authority, as we were once taught; now we have to instruct them to be cautious.  People use to esteem teachers, policemen, government officials, parents and older/wiser individuals as people to look up to.  As times changed - people have changed and not always for the better.  Not all persons listed above are good role models.

Years ago, people looked towards a higher power, a higher authority; they depended upon God to help them in times of trouble.  We need to get back to days of old.  If people would humble themselves, pray and seek God, then He promised that things would change.  In the meantime, we have to be wise, prepared (and that includes protecting ourselves) and live a life with God at the center.

We need to stop pointing fingers and lumping everyone in the same mold.  How can we walk down the street, see someone who we don’t know, and profile that individual to be just like another person?  If we condemn a group of people with our mouths, then that is the way we really feel about them in our heart.  Let’s allow our words to be uplifting instead of destroying groups of people.

One more thing to consider in safety, if you live here, or are visiting the Florida area, please keep a watchful eye on your children when around lakes or lagoons.  It is mating season and alligators are prominent and very dangerous.  Remember, this is their habitat.

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