Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Who is God to you?

I Serve a Big God
I was taught in Catholic school that, out of reverence and respect, any reference to the name of God should be CAPITALIZED!

Regarding Love
We continue to have love for a person who lives in sin, yet we may have dislike of the actions taking place in that persons’ life—homosexuality, drug abuse, murder, robbery, and the like.
Prayer is needed to divide the two emotions.  We have to keep the dislike out of our spirit and keep the love of Jesus in our hearts for that person who may be trapped in sin.

The World Didn’t Give It, and the World Can’t Take It Away
I used to say, “If someone stole something from me, then that person may have needed the item more than I did.”  WRONG! I don’t say that anymore.  “Why?” You may ask.
When you have something that you have taken care of, remember that it was God who gave that possession to you in the first place.  If He wanted others to have the same thing don’t you know that He has the power and resources to give the same thing to those other people?  Envy and stealing are sins.  If you’re not careful, one may lead to the other.

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