Tuesday, June 30, 2015

“Some Encouraging Words?”

Reading the newspaper (as small as it was for our town) was one of my daily duties.  One day I came across an article entitled “Success Isn’t Measured by Mistakes.”  The author rendered a few good thoughts:

A small blunder in business can make a customer end a life-long relationship.  Mistakes are costly.  Even minor errors delay work, cause repetition of tasks and lower profits, productivity and efficiency.  We do not measure mistakes we make, but rather by how quickly we recognize and recover from them.  The key to turning mistakes into profit is to learn from each mistake.

Four steps are involved in turning our mistakes into personal gain.  First, don’t allow the idea of making a mistake, paralyze your progress.  Second, find the lesson. Once you accept the fact that you will make mistakes, move forward and accept the challenge.  You will make errors.  Your success now hinges on learning the lesson.  The third step is to forgive yourself and go on with your life.  The final step is to think ahead which also works in other aspects of our lives.  Carefully consider what may happen with each decision you make. — Taylor, Don. “Minding Your Own Business” Clovis News Journal: Clovis, NM

Was opening the store a mistake?  Did I jump the gun so to speak?  Could my husband forgive me?  Could I forgive myself, pick myself up, dust myself off, and go on living?  What about the embarrassment of failure?  Sure, there’s no failure in God, but what about me?  Did I fail to hear Him?

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