Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Saying ‘Thank You’ with written words for a gift

According to the Bible, older women are to give Godly advice to younger women, to teach them good things and proper etiquette.  It may not seem important to you, nonetheless, when you receive a gift from someone, you should send them a note of thanks.  It doesn’t have to be a long letter, but a card (even from the Dollar Store) means a lot to the person who took time to think of you and bless you.  Sure, you told them ‘Thank You” at that moment, but a card lasts longer and shows them that it wasn’t just something that one says at that particular time.

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Below is an excerpt from “Where Did That Come From?” that puts into written words, the sentiment of what a person should do when a blessing is bestowed upon them in the form of righteousness and the love of God.

The Gift
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When someone gives you something that you didn’t expect, by all means, say “Thank You”, and then get a card and a stamp (sure the price of stamps is getting higher as time goes by, but it will be worth the money) to express your gratitude for “The Gift” that was given to you.

To read more – Get the Book: Where Did That Come From?” by Ms. "V" (Victoria Thomas Poller)

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