Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When Things Look Bleak – Stand!

Ms. "V" & Van enjoying life

It started with a visit to the Doctors on Aug. 29th when what appeared to be gas below my shoulder blade, didn’t subside.  The pain was enough to cause me to seek help.  After an examination, my Doctor scheduled a Chest X-ray.  I hadn’t had a CXR since 2001.  There was no coughing.  I don’t smoke, nor was there any other problem.

The X-ray report showed something that concerned my Doctor, yet he didn’t tell me anything.  He had also ordered a CT Scan about a few days later.  The original pain was almost gone, but I was troubled with no one giving me any diagnosis.  The Chest X-ray had shown a “nodule” on my left lung, but my pain had occurred on my right side.  I still had reviews to do for my column and life was still going on.  During my trials, my dog also developed a cough & he was put on antibiotics.  Every time he coughed, it reminded me of what my body was going through.

CT Scan
I called to cancel another appointment to see my regular physician until he could receive and review the results of the CT Scan.  He called me back very concerned.  I reaffirmed to my Doctor that I believed in the power of God and prayer.  He was sincere when he said that I should add my name to a prayer list.

Sure, I’m in my sixties, yet God has promised me – “Long Life”.  I was in the process of moving into a new home and the enemy was filling my mind with dread & doubt.  That’s when I got mad.  I was not preparing a place for another woman to enjoy.  I’m not leaving this world anytime soon.  My Granddaughter had recently lost her Great Grand Mother and I know that I needed to be here on this earth for my children and my children’s children.  My work is not finished.

The result of the CT Scan was in and now my primary care Physician let me know that he could not be sure if the nodules in my lung would be cancerous or not.  Because he wasn’t sure, my Doctor sent me to a Pulmonary & Critical Care Specialist.  She began to diagnose by drawing numerous vials of blood.

New Home to enjoy
By this time it’s October and every “Cancer” commercial, relay and story were highlighted on television and everywhere.  My mind had gone through numerous scenarios, nonetheless, my Husband kept me focused on God’s Word, watching what I confessed and remembering everything that I had learned.

I listened to my Doctor & Specialist, yet I kept focused on the report of our Lord despite what it looked & felt like.  God also directed so many butterflies across my path and the butterfly is a symbol of “life”.

There was another test that the Pulmonary Care Doctor scheduled: A Pulmonary Function Test which showed that my lung capacity was low.  To diverse a little, during my childhood and young adult life – I had asthma, yet through my trust in God and prayer, I overcame the symptoms.  The specialist ruled out Lupus, and the CT Scan showed some arthritis in my shoulder (still don’t feel any pain there).  I stand strong and bind-up these symptoms, in the name of Jesus.

My next scheduled test by the specialist was a PET Scan.  This test consisted of some radioactive fluid injected into my body and then a machine scanned me to see if there was any cancer.  For the next 24 hours after the test, I could not come near any children or pregnant women, so I was very careful.

Too much to live for
My mind went through, “What If’s” and “What Might”.  During times like these, I never turned my back on my faith or on God.  God has a purpose for my life, and He’s brought me from a mighty long way.  In my lifetime I have overcome: Asthma, Skin Legions, Phlebitis, Hepatitis C (from a blood transfusion after a C-Section), lower Back Surgery (Laminectomy), Shingles, lower GI Bleeding and a Broken Ankle, just to name a few.

The findings came back that there is NO CANCER and the report has given me a new respect for Cancer patients and survivors.  My next exam will be in Jan. 2013.  I believe that by that time, God will display a miracle in my body that the Doctors will recognize that He has established the healing.  I was given an inhaler that made my breathing easier.  Oh, by-the-way, COPD was also mentioned by the doctors, nevertheless with the grace of God - I am overcoming that too.  (as of June 2013 breathing is better without inhaler).

I was compelled to write this testimony in order to help someone else who may be going through a similar situation.  If you have something troubling you, and you can believe that God is willing and able to heal and deliver – then put your trust in Him, live your life’s purpose & STAND!  #TBR1 (Trust, Believe, Receive).  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” Heb.11:1.

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