Monday, February 17, 2014

What’s On Sale?

Young people today are wearing just about anything.  Sometimes it’s too tight, much too short, too revealing (leaving nothing to the imagination) or it’s dropping off their butt to reveal underwear that your grandpa wouldn’t wear.  Are our young people (and some old folks who should know better) hanging themselves out like an old “For Sale” sign that is tattered, worn, and torn?  Why aren’t they encouraged to be the apple of God’s eye?  Would He be proud to call them His children?  Here’s a new slogan:  What Would Jesus Wear? (WWJW?)
In God’s eyes, we Christians are gems.  We are people who should be looked up to as examples of Christ.  We are not elevating the physical man but that spiritual likeness of Christ that is nestled inside of us.  As heirs to the throne, and children of the King, we must carry ourselves as such and walk with our heads held high, with Great Expectations,[1] and not settle for less than our Father would expect from us.

[1] Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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[1] Great Expectations by Charles Dickens