Friday, March 27, 2009

Oops, I forgot to Post in March; Sorry ;(

Weekly Tip:

You go to contact one of your Credit Card Agencies and you’re having a tough time. They ask you for your 12 digit account number. Save yourself some time: Do not put that number in. Either put in all 0’s or another number 12 times. Reason being, all they’re going to do is ask you for your number again once you get a real person. Also, if you call an automated system and the system prompts you to press #1 for …, #2 for … etc.; either press “0” or say, “assistance” or “associate”. Repeat these procedures until you get a ‘human voice’ on the line.

PNP – “People Need Prayer”

Hope imagines the Reality of Faith

God protects Babies & Fools – Which one are you?

“Expect the Best, while preparing for the Worst” – Don’t be caught unprepared for anything.

From the heart of: Ms. “V”