Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thank You…For What?

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Prov. 3:6

“Thank You Jesus.” “Thank You Jesus.” “Thank You Jesus.” “Thank You Jesus.” “Thank You Jesus.” “Thank You Jesus.”

This was the phrase that use to be used to invite the Holy Ghost (Spirit) into a person’s life. We’ve learned that the Holy Spirit is a precious gift. He comes willingly to those who request Him. But let’s get back to Jesus. “Thank You Jesus”.

One morning (very early as it was so customary for the Lord to visit) God whispered to me, “Why do you thank Me?” “What are you giving thank for?”

Why do we sometimes unconsciously repeat, “Thank You Jesus”, and that’s the end of the sentence. Yes, I too was guilty of saying, “Thank You Jesus”. Just a blurb of what I thought was an announcement of appreciation. But what was I being thankful for?

Sure we may say, “Thank you” to a person when they hand you something, but the statement is usually said face-to-face and usually right after the kindness is rendered. Example: Someone gives you a gift in a pretty package and you say, “Thank you” (later you can write them a little card and express how the gift and their act of kindness really blessed you).

He (God) made it a little clearer to me. It’s like you go to your friend, a relative or a complete stranger and you say, “Thank you Lou, or Thank you Aunt Tillie, or Thank you Dad”; and you keep repeating, “Thank you” [name] and you say nothing else. Eventually that person is going to say, “What!” “What did I do?” “Why are you thanking me?”

It’s the same thing with God. “Thank You Jesus”… Sooner or later He’ll want you to tell Him what you’re thankful for. “Thank You Jesus for getting me up this morning.” “Thank You Jesus for showing my child favor before the Court Judge.” “Thank You Jesus for sending your Angels to protect me from that fatal car crash.” “Thank You Holy Ghost for your peace that You’ve given me during this waiting period in my life.” It’s OK to say “Thank You Jesus” sometimes, yet He’d like to hear why you are thanking Him.

And please don’t say that He is Omniscient (All-Knowing). Sure He is, but He’d still like to hear why you’re thankful and you need to hear (as a reminder) how He has, and still continues to bless you again and again and again. When we take the time to tell Him why we’re thankful and what we’re thankful for, He appreciates the gesture even more. It’s great to be thankful, nevertheless, let’s get specific in our gratitude and let it not be just on Thanksgiving Day (You know how Uncle Henry will take 20 minutes to begin to tell the Lord for all that He’s done over the past year. Not good timing with all the “growling tummies”). Let’s take more time to let Jesus know what He’s done for you lately. To read more - get the book: "Where Did That Come From?" by Ms. "V" (Victoria Thomas Poller)

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!