Monday, April 1, 2013

“Listen & Do”

It had been six years since I’d had a vacation, and finally, I had the opportunity to go on one.  I forgot how beautiful Arizona and southern New Mexico could be.  Everywhere you look there are mountains in the background.  At night the sky cascades with millions of lights, bright and clear to the eye.  My bus ride was a wonderful way to appreciate the beauty that God has given us, and it also afforded some time to catch up on much-needed rest.
I asked the Lord if He would grant me some time alone and not have me witness (strike up a conversation) with anyone on the trip to Phoenix.  God does have a sense of humor.  He sat me a couple of seats away from some guy reading, “Divine Revelation of Hell?”  I immediately wanted to inquire about his reading material, but I did ask to be to myself.  I prayed that God would send another laborer.  I was tired, but I started feeling a little guilty also.  I witness at work, at the gym, and at church; why couldn’t I share my faith now?  Besides, I had homework to catch up on (I was able to take a couple of college courses), and besides, I was on a mini vacation.  So, I kept to myself.

Bus terminals are sometimes cold and unfriendly places.  There are many different classes of people taking buses, different from those who hang around airports, yet we’re all God’s children—His creations.  He desires all to come to repentance and eventually to “come home.”  Put it like this—if you are not saved and filled with the Holy Ghost…

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