Monday, March 31, 2014

Called by God or Man?

Are we walking a tightrope?  Are we giving God or man the glory?  “God gave me the Gift of Discernment;” or “Sister Sookie told me that she got a Word from God that I was supposed to be a pastor of a mega church around the corner from …”  Man-made or God ordained?  Are we fulfilling the prophesy that is within us? That prophesy which God has established, or are we trying to live up to someone else’s prophesy[1] to us?  Make sure you’re hearing from God before you go stepping out into a calling (pastor, teacher, prophet, etc.) or a ministry.

Who Do You Trust?
Did you know that the devil doesn’t want you or me in part?  He’s aiming for 100%.  Some people believe: “The devil doesn’t want me.  If I leave him alone, then he’ll leave me alone.”  Not true!  He wants 100% of all he can get, and then he’ll throw you to the side until he’s ready to use you again for his evil deeds.  Yes, if you allow him to, the devil does desire to use you.
God also wants us to share with Him an everlasting happiness in heaven and an abundant life while here on earth.  But God, too, wants 100% of you.  He’s waiting to give you the best.  Now my question to you is: “Who are you going to trust?”

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[1] to declare or foretell by or as if by divine inspiration