Friday, December 19, 2014

What does Christmas mean to you?

It is said that people should not debate religion or politics, but does Christmas also have a place in the arena where people tend to “agree to disagree”?  Do we get into a debate as to whether there is a Santa Clause?  Do we get bitter because we’re reminded of the loss of a loved one and it hurts too much to celebrate when this time of the year rolls around?

Is it a continual discussion as to the real birth date of Jesus Christ?  Do you get offended (as I sometimes do) when someone calls Christmas a “Xmas” day?  Is it wrong to send out Christmas cards or type a generic Christmas letter to people telling them about our year in review?  We normally spend more money on coffee or other treats, even if stamps are getting more expensive.  Some people want to celebrate or empathize with you.

Is it all about the cute Christmas songs that we all know most of the words?   Does it matter if we put up a tree, or hang a wreath or string some lights?  How about taking down the decorations – is there a specific day that they should come down?  There’s a lady nearby who keeps some Christmas something up all year – go figure.  Now, that may be taking it to the extreme, but we never know if the family is waiting for someone to come home from overseas.

Some people almost start wars over the true meaning of Christmas.  If you have Christ in your heart, then you could have a joyous season no matter what is displayed.

Christmas is not about the presents, the cards, the decorations, the songs, or the holiday (or is it holyday) – Christmas is about Jesus Christ and how everything that is mentioned above, should be celebrated and focused on with peace, love and the joy that this season brings.  It’s a reminder of how we need to live throughout the year.

So in closing, allow me to wish everyone a very “Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year”.

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